Professional training includes in-depth personal training. All men are created equal but when it comes to style and craft all boxers are quite different. We work on boxers’ strengths to perfect them. We work on a boxer’s weaknesses’ to improve them.

Mental awareness, strategic thinking, ring I.Q is all part of a successful Professional boxing career.


Whether you are a beginning boxer or a seasoned amateur engaging in semi-professional contests, the training you need and the training you’ll get are second to none.

As a beginner, you need to learn the basics of boxing. How to stand, how to leverage your punching, how to move, and so on…

As a competing amateur, your training will include the strategies needed to ‘out smart’ and throw effective punches.

Semi-pro training takes your amateur training to the highest level and will prepare you for a jump into the professional ranking.


Fitness and Health = Self Defense

Boxing training for fitness and health takes on a new meaning for the general public.

Boxing training is very demanding. In a sport that takes offensive and defensive skills to limit, only the dedicated survive. Our fitness for health and self-defense program allows the general public of all ages to participate in a training regiment second to none.

Your Goals Are Priority

Something in your mind triggered you to look into boxing training, whatever the reason, we are here to soothe any curiosity. 

Newbies to boxing, you are the heart and soul of the sport and once you start training, boxing will be healthy to your heart and soul! Don’t be intimidated, everyone was a novice student at one time and don’t believe or think boxing training is only for competition. Our non-contact training will never have you getting punched in the face but will prepare you to defend yourself should the need arise.

The amateur competition requires a little more specialized training for the simple fact you have an opponent in front of you that will be trying to knock you out.

Semi-pro boxers are a level above the amateur ranks. The United States Boxing League’s semi-pro competition is tailored to fill the gap between amateur and professional competition. Semi-pro training incorporates many professional attributes and techniques.

Professional boxers are top-level competitors. Training is as vigorous as it is demanding, you cannot have a successful professional boxing career without being dedicated to your skill. Cardio, stamina, and mental conditioning are just some of the rubric pressures associated with professional boxing training.

Regardless of where you fit in, you will one happy camper and love your body once you start training.

Your Next Step…

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