Project ‘ZOOM iN’


(Just in time for the cold winter weather and conditions!)

Hello, and welcome to the Denver Boxing Acadamy. My name is Aurelio Martinez, founder and head trainer for our professional and semi-pro boxers. I understand getting around has not been easy these days and I never recommend training with a mask on. During training and exercise, we need to inhale oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide. The best defense against ANY virus is a strong and healthy body, PERIOD! So stop looking for the wonder pill or miraculous vaccine, although these may help, do your part in keeping your body FIT.

Introducing ZOOM iN

On-line, scheduled workouts, early morning, mid-day, and evening training sessions

  • 6A.M. – 20 minute Tabata/HIIT
  • NOON – 20 minute stretch and exercise
  • 6 P.M. – 1 hour boxing training (will require a heavy bag)

Quality Results

Our goal is to create a good and healthy daily habit. A habit that will be a daily routine and quality results not only to your appearance but also to your mind. More importantly, quality results produce a strong and healthy body!


Head trainers, Aurelio Martinez and Shann Vilhauer have years of experience in the sport of boxing. Both have trained WBC champions and contenders. Martinez and Vilhauer work as a team to exceed each of our athletes’ performance and expectations.

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